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Using MvcMiniProfiler with NancyFX C#

Lately, some new interesting web-development frameworks appeared based on mvc concept. Some of them are totally new experience, but others are using the best experience from different technologies and languages.

Ruby On Rails Clones

Sinatra - is one of the smoothest and intelligent frameworks I've ever seen. When Ruby became famous, a lot of things were ported from this language, to others. I've even investigated a PHP port named Slim Framework, and it is really fantastic as for PHP.

NancyFX has appeared at the end of 2010 and day-by-day they have damage the brain of the C# coding society (the web development part). With this, many interesting tools as MiniProfiler, should be also available for use with NancyFX.

NancyFX and MiniProfiler

On some stage of coding with NancyFX, I've got a need to measure the performance of it. There were no doubts, that MvcMiniProfiler will do the job. As I have not found a working solution for this, I'm posting it here.

All you need to do, is create a custom bootstrap for NancyFX. How to make it, please read here.

Than you have to override some methods of custom bootstrap, so the profiler will be injected into code.

MvcMiniProfiler is describing how to inject the header into template and how to run tests very good on their site, so I am not touching this theme.

The example of profiler usage:

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