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Using ePochta SMS Gateway

New submodule for the Rest4net library to send sms campaigns read more

How to install PHP 5.2.17 on Ubuntu Server (example is on Amazon EC2)

Explaining the way, when old PHP applications can work read more

Cordova (PhoneGap) iOS Security

Describing the universal new method in securing PhoneGap Applications on iOS read more

Belz. Using AppHarbor as .Net worker mule

Tutorial on almost-free for use creation of messaging queue handler read more

Extending Migrator.NET with logic scopes

Scopes between assemblies is a very useful thing for DB migrations in .Net read more

Using MvcMiniProfiler with NancyFX

Embedding MvcMiniProfiler into NancyFX framework read more

PhoneGap (newely Cordova) Application Encryption

The first version of encryption for iOS applications in PhoneGap read more

Another RestAPI accessor for .Net

Describing flexible REST-services accessor for .Net read more

Google Storage API with C#. SharpGs. Try it

This was the first .Net library to work with Google Storage read more

AcroDB. Business Logic

Custom DB accessor for C# read more

AcroDB. How to use

Describing custom DB accessor for C# read more

PHP Client for Java-based webservice

Accessing Java webservices from PHP read more