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Using ePochta SMS Gateway sms delivery

Today I am announcing new module for the Rest4net API library to send sms through commercial gateway. Atomic/ePochta is a cool startup from AtomPark company. The price for sms delivery at this company is one of the lowest on a market. They support more than 200 countries world-wide, and at this time it is almost perfect for sms campaigns. Recently, they have announced API version 3.0, with a bunch of functions.


To connect library to your existing project:

  • open your project in Visual Studio;
  • right-click on the project in Solution Explorer;
  • select Manage NuGet Packages...;
  • search for Rest4Net.ePochta addon in online repository;
  • click Install button;

Or, you may use NuGet command line interface:

Install-Package Rest4Net.ePochta

Both commands will install Rest4Net library itself as a reference.


Before sending any sms, you should create an account at the sms gateway, and after login at top right corner you will find account settings link. There go to SMS Sender tab, activate API 3.0 and copy your public and private keys. This is everything you need.


Afterwards, using VS IntelliSense on variable epochta, you will see all functions supported by API v3. The groups of them are:

  • CRUD on campaigns;
  • CRUD on address books and exception lists;
  • access to statistics;
  • sender name registration, balance request and pre sending price calculation for campaign;
  • and many more...

Any questions are welcome in comments.

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